Double Sided Apron

  • double-sided-optixx

    • Significant overlap in front for added protection
    • Velcro closure for a perfect fit
    • Flexible belt to release load on back and shoulder
  • double-sided-maxx

    • Full overlap in front for total protection
    • Flexible belt to release load on back and shoulder
    • Smart side closure to prevent accidental exposure

Protection Material

Our radiation protective sheetings are manufactured for perfect uniformity, suppleness and durability.

asv-x-factor-litegreenThis green material replaces all the lead with a mixture of bismuth, tungsten and antimony. It meets the European standards for safe disposal. LiteGreen™ also matches MaxLite™ in its lightweight qualities making it the material of choice for users.

asv-x-factor-maxliteMaxLite™ uses the substitution technique over a large part of lead in protective sheeting to result in a product that is 20-30% lighter than most leaded materials and at least 10 % lighter than all other available materials in the market. Apparel made with MaxLite™ are best used in x-ray assisted surgery or in Cath Labs where the user wears the apparel for long hours.

asv-x-factor-liteleadLITELEAD™ is the lightest fully leaded material in the market. It is formulated using fine particles of lead rather than lead oxide, which along with the advanced binding system helps in lowering its weight without compromising its lead equivalence.

Fabrics and Colours

Introducing UNITEX™, our safest radiation protection fabric yet. Invented to resist contaminants and woven with cutting edge technology, this fabric makes our apparel some of the safest and most reliable in the world. Better still, it is soft on the skin and doesn’t wrinkle easily.


A large array of additional colours and colour combinations are also available.

Size Chart

Double Sided Apron




upto 99 50 90, 100, 110, 120


100 – 110 55

100, 110, 120, 130

L 111- 125 60

100, 110, 120, 130

XL 125 – 150 70

100, 110, 120, 130




145 – 155 cm

90 cm

155 – 165 cm

100 cm

165 – 175 cm

110 cm

175 – 185 cm

120 cm

185 – 195 cm

130 cm

195 – 205 cm

140 cm

  • All measurements are in cm
  • For deriving Apron length, the measurements need to be considered together for both Skirt and Vest



We offer to print names and images, made possible by advances in print technology. We can print names of doctors or of the hospital on the apron pocket. We maintain a vast design bank of prints which can be added to pockets or on the front or back of aprons. You can now express yourself in your own unique way.



UniTrack is a cloud-based software that allows scanning, tracking and inspection of all radiation protection apparel quickly and intelligently.
UniTrack generates reports, giving details on the user’s apparel inspection history, during audits from authoritative bodies.

UniTrack Features

  • A smooth inspection process with detailed inventory reports
  • Generate damaged and missing reports, inspection history
  • Barcode technology to inspect aprons instantly
  • Access information from any computer in the world
  • User friendly. Works on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and all systems
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